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Thursday at The Lounge: Can I get you a Tito’s Gimlet, one olive or two?

College Hoops is in full swing, smack dab in conference play.  Iowa’s Fran…looks like his typical January anger storm.  Tonight’s highlight game is the SMU at Cincy game, the Larry Brownless Mustangs against that Cronin guy, he is a solid coach.  The crowd seems into the game – vocal and responsive to plays, fun game happening early on – however looks like Coach Cronin has the team focused as they are laying the foundation of a beat down mid-first half.

On the other venue, the Deuce, the stoner guru Bill Walton, “the freedom to roam, which is a hallmark of society in Finland” and - is your name Dave?  Showing solid skills; at keeping an early blowout entertaining.  Arizona looks solid – the Sun Devils, not so much.  Chance Comanche, that is a solid name
Chicago’s Big Ten team is on the road at Rutgers, is a tight game early.  Sad news I just heard,, wow - thoughts and positive vibes to all impacted, which is all of us.

Over on FS1, another Pac 12 gathering features Washington at Cal.  Not sure of either team, Court looks solid, fair contest early going first half.   CBS has Austin Peay at SIUE. There is a sparse crowd at the game, up and down court activity in the OVC, 12 point game.  Euro-step, what is that, certainly not the Rocker step.  Enjoying a mid-major game, my favorite remains the mid-major conference games, passion buckets galore.
That is the first half, maybe there will be a second half summary.  Gimlet?
Even Mr. Walton and, is your name Dave?  This game will not be able to hold my lack of attention in this blowout.  Sun Devils, Mr. Hurley, you have some work ahead of you.  “You got to find a path to go forward” – Bill W.

We await Tito’s handmade Vodka telegram with regards to being the Official Vodka at The Frozen Tundra Lounge.  The test results remain at the solid level here at The Lounge in all cocktails involving Tito’s.

Fran is finding his happy spot – courtesy of a Jock.  I’ll just leave that there. This game is getting interesting; Big 10 is a conference that I don’t get at this point.  Very early, overall the conference usually gets stronger and develops as the season advances.  Matt Painter, looks like he is about to feel uncomfortable.  Both he and Fran, solid coaches and produce consistently.  Did I mention the Badgers blow out The Ohio State University?

Triple header at The Frozen Tundra Lounge, Saint Mary’s at Portland.  The road to Madness is being built.